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RAF type G oxygen mask


Code: O25184

Stores reference 6D/644/5/6.  Believed to be a 'Medium'.  The rubber is a little soiled and has stiffened in places but retains a reasonable overall shape.  Unfortunately, the mask has perished around the edges with some loss of rubber, cracks, and surface crazing, notably at the nose and area under the chin as shown in the photographs.  There is relatively minor cracking around the inspiration valve and more at the nosewire/harness retaining wires lugs.  The harness webbing is faded and stretched with no elasticity remaining.  Lined in pearl grey suede.  The mask is fitted with a type 48 microphone assembly (type 25 microphone, loom and socket), all in excellent condition.  A rather 'tired' and worn mask but it does display quite well.    Priced accordingly.  Stock code O25184.