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RAF 1941 pattern flying boots, S7


Code: B25346

Stores reference 22c/750.  Size 7.  The brown suede uppers are generally very good and supple with minor rubbing.  Unfortunately the rubber 'galosh' sections are somewhat perished with cracking, crazing and some loss.  That said, the majority remains in place and is reasonably flexible.  Original 'Lightning' zips in good working condition.  Original 'Itshide' soles are quite worn.  Complete with ankle straps/buckles, these have surface wear/cracking in places.  The fleece linings are very good but a little soiled and have some old (dead) moth casings within.  The boots have been in the freezer to eradicate any potential issues.  Complete with insoles.  Faint War Department broad arrow and reference markings on the zip tongues.   Let down by the rubber but still a reasonable pair.  Stock code B25346.