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USAAF Kit, First Aid, Aeronautic


Code: S21059

One of the three variations of this particular kit that was introduced during 1943.  Compact olive drab canvas pouch with zip closure, press studded front pocket and 'lift-the-dot' fasteners that attached to matching studs in the crew positions inside the aircraft.  It contains 3 x first aid dressings, a boxed tourniquet, boxed iodine swabs, boxed eye dressing set, boxed bandage compress, adhesive dressing, plasters, an ammonia phial, a bottle of water purification tablets and scissors.  It should have morphine syrettes but they are absent.  The pouch is in reasonably good condition, a bit grimy with some fraying and wear.  It is stamped 'KIT, FIRST-AID, AERONAUTIC' and has a red cross painted on it.  The contents are generally in good unused but aged condition - the boxes are a bit squashed and soiled and the lid to the water purification tablets is missing.  These kits were carried on all combat, cargo, transport and glider aircraft.  Stock code S21059.