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RAF Mk.VII flying goggles


Code: G16194

Stores reference 22c/827.  The frame is in very good undamaged condition with very little paint loss/chipping and original frame nuts.  The leather surround and nosepiece are very good.  The backing chamois is quite clean with less than average soiling and all the padding remains flexible.  Fitted with an excellent set of clear glass lenses - there is a tiny chip in one but this really doesn't detract at all.  This pair is fitted with the earlier issue 'Newey' leather strap.  It is in very good condition but the metal connectors are more exposed than usual and there is minor corrosion in places.  An excellent used pair of goggles suitable for both RAF and USAAF displays.  No antiglare 'flipshield' fitted.  Stock code G16194.