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RAF B-type flying helmet


Code: H24517

By Frank Bryan Limited of London & Worcester.  Stores reference 22c/65.  Size 4 (71/8 - 73/8, unusually this has been crossed out and replaced with 71/2 - 73/4).  The overall appearance is excellent with supple undamaged leather.  Fitted with zipped earpieces, both have minor marks and wear but are in very good condition with original zips, one retaining an original leather puller tab.  Bakelite receiver carriers are fitted within each earpiece, both of which have been padded out with tissue paper for photographing purposes.  Both rear straps and chinstrap are excellent, though the latter lacks the metal end piece.  Both Bennett buckles lack leather coverings but are otherwise very good.  The chamois lining is undamaged and quite clean with less than average soiling.  Complete with manufacturer's Air Ministry marked, 1940 dated label at the inner crown.  The helmet is also Air Ministry stamped under one of the chamois donuts.  Sold unwired.  Wiring, receivers, microphones and jackplugs can be supplied at extra cost if required.   A very nice Battle of Britain dated helmet in the biggest size produced.  Stock code H24517.