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WW1 gun barrel inspection mirror

£80.00 Approx $99.13, €89.99

Code: M25885

Reflectors, mirror, S.A. (Small Arms), .303-inch-Adaptor, Mark I, Type 2.  This reflector, with adaptor (folding handle), was officially approved for general use with all .303 inch arms. Introduced c. December 1915.  Bore viewers/reflectors were used to visually inspect the interior of a rifle barrel.  This type 2 is beautifully constructed in solid brass, with a glass reflector mirror set at 45 degrees.  It is protected with a brass outer case attached via a brass chain.  A folding hinged brass handle allows the mirror to be easily positioned in the breach of the rifle.  The viewer measures approximately 2"/5cm in length with a 3"/7cm handle and 5.5"/14cm long chain.  Close to the hinge are the stamps 'EFD' (Enfield) and the letter 'A'.  The handle loop is stamped with a War Department broad arrow.  This reflector closely matches the description in the 1915 'List of Changes' for all .303 arms, including Canada's Ross Rifle.  Excellent condition with a lovely unpolished patina.  Stock code M25885.