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French Airaille type flying helmet


Code: H21104

By Camille Zinszler of 50 Rue Fessart, Paris. Size 57. Model TB.  French 'Airaille' style flying helmet from the interwar/early WW2 period. The helmet is made from a hard shell covered in chromed leather with a lower section in soft leather with press studded flaps to house Gosport tubes or radio receivers.  A leather chinstrap is fastened via twin metal rings.  Lacing within the crown of the helmet provides minor size/comfort adjustment. Two goggle straps are provided at the rear of the helmet.  Good used condition with some wear/cracking on exposed areas and leather folds.  Stamped with manufacturer's mark, size details and trademark 'Balchoc'.   A similar example we had was 1933 dated but this one doesn't appear to be date marked.  Although somewhat outdated these helmets were used during the 1930s and into the early part of WW2 by the French Air Force, Free French and Paratroop units.  Stock code H21104.