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French Socapex flying helmet c.1966

£135.00 Approx $164.43, €152.89

Code: H26116

Type 403-M3.  Size marked as 'P.T.' June 1966 dated.  French flying helmet manufactured by Socapex, a subsidiary of Gentex.  This pattern was derived from the Socapex 403-M2 and bears striking similarites to the Gentex U.S.N. H-4 (Gentex/Socapex had shared technology agreements).  The glass fibre hard shell is fitted with a dense foam layer inside along with a nylon webbing harness with leather padding to front, rear and sides.  Worn with a cloth inner helmet liner. This example, finished in dark green, is in excellent condition showing little use or wear.  The French bought many ex U.S.N. aircraft and their aircrews would have worn this type of helmet.  Stock code H26116.