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Luftwaffe LkpN101 netzkopfhaube


Code: H24847

LkpN101 flying helmet.  Manufactured by Luftwahrtgeratwerke Hakenfelde G.m.b.H., Berlin (who used the code 'h.d.c.' on their kit).  The famous 'net-top' helmet proved popular with Luftwaffe aircrews as it was designed for comfort without the restriction of a chinstrap.  This variant has attachment points for 2-strap oxygen masks only.  It has dark brown leather earcups with dark banding and 'mesh'.  All leather parts are very good although the forehead band has a piece inset at the centre.  This is incredibly well executed and may well be original but does differ from others we've had.  The netting/mesh is excellent with just one small hole as shown.  The avionics are comprised of a 1.2m rubber insulated loom, oval Mi4b magnetic throatmicrophones and four-pole break coupling/plug, Fl27560.  Both receivers and plastic 'soundboards' are present. The shearling lining is very clean but the chamois lining parts are a bit grubby/rubbed.  Labelled.  A very good display helmet.  Stock code H24847.