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RFC type goggle mask


Code: G26359

Typical WW1 privately purchased gogglemask with a fur backed brown chromed leather facepiece and simple adjustable strap.  The 'pear-shaped' clear laminated glass lenses are held within alloy frames, backed with 'sprung' knitted fabric.  There are no official or commercial markings but a near identical pair by Robinson & Cleaver Ltd. has been seen in Flight Magazine.  A very similar pair are shown in 'Royal Flying Corps Kitbag' by Mark Hillier.  The leather facepeice is in excellent supple condition and, unusally, there is no loss to the backing fur.  The frames are very good and  although the lenses have some delamination marks, they display well.  The strap is a bit worn but retains reasonably good elasticity.  Typical of private purchase goggles worn by aviators of the Great War period.  Very good '+' / excellent used condition.  Stock code G26359.  

NB. Helmet not included but is for sale separately.