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FAA N-type flying helmet, early pattern


Code: H26161

Fleet Air Arm type 'N' helmet (often incorrectly referred to as the FAA D-type).  Unknown size but isn't tiny - perhaps a '3'.  Intended for use in tropical/desert climates in the Middle East, Mediterranean, North Africa etc. and incorporating a neck flap at the rear to provide sun protection.  The material is lightly soiled with some spot marks but in excellent undamaged condition.  The straps are very good and retain most of their original coatings.  The helmet is fitted with zipped leather earpieces - both are very good and have working brass zips, each slider with original leather pull tabs.  The earpieces have their original rubber receiver carriers in place and are padded with a set of original Air Ministry marked foam rubber cushions.  In the mainthese are nice and spongy but the outer surface (under the zips) are dry, slightly perished and shedding a little.  The satin lining has only light even soiling and  is in very good condition.  This is an early externally wired pattern helmet with leather chinstrap and Bennett buckle.  Studded for use with early Type D oxygen masks as well as the later E, G & H series masks.  Fitted with a removable oxygen mask clip but supplied without wiring or receivers.  A very good to excellent used example of this scarce variant of the D-series helmets.  Stock code H26161.

NB This is one of 2 items reserved ahead of listing but included for interest purposes.