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RAF 1940 pattern Sidcot flying suit, modified - history


Code: S25050

Suits, Flying, 1940 Pattern, Outer.  Stores reference 22c/364.  Size 5, (The label states Ht. 5'10"-5'11", Ch. 38-40", Wt. 34-36", Seat 39-41", Leg 301/2").  Early WW2 version of the Sidcot without wiring.  The green cotton material is in very good to excellent condition with just a couple of small fray holes on the left arm.  There are general 'speckled' marks over the suit and an oil (?) stain around the right knee/lower leg area but the suit is generally quite clean.  Original zips throughout with an Air Ministry marked main zip, 'Tefas' leg zips and F.F.Ltd. Air Ministry marked side zips.  The right sleeve has an 'N.B. Ltd' Air Ministry marked zip, the left sleeve's zip slider is absent but the tape/teeth are undamaged.  Aside from that one they all function but have some verdigris deposits and would benefit from a careful clean and some lubrication.  Both cuffs have been trimmed with 'fur', this seems to be a popular modification on the 1940 pattern.  With cloth hanger, rear belt, cloth label and Air Ministry ink stamp.  Also fitted with an excellent 1940 pattern collar, 22c/353, which although a size '1', fits perfectly adequately.  Although unwired, this suit has been officially modified for the use of electrically heated undergarments with a small flap covered slit positioned on the right side, allowing egress of a 3-pin plug and lead.  This particular suit belonged to Squadron Leader Ted Scott who flew with 626 Squadron, Wickenby and completed two full tours.  He passed the suit on to his neighbours, now an elderly couple, and we bought it directly from them.  The 1940 pattern Sidcot is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain as it was in production for a short period before being superseded by the 1941 pattern.  In good '+'/very good used overall condition.  Stock code S25050.