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RAF 'used' Pacific 24-Hour Ration : Supper

£355.00 Approx $436.65, €403.87

Code: S26914

British Forces Pacific 24-Hour Ration - Supper.  Contained within a metal tin approximately 14 x 13 x 4.5cm.  Dark olive drab painted and marked with instructions for opening on the lid.  This example is fully sealed and complete with original contents that included a sealed metal tin of 'Chopped Ham and Beef'; sealed metal 'Tea Ration' tin; a block of 'Fruit Bar'; 2 x 'Oatmeal Blocks'; 2 x 'Biscuit' packets; Salt tablets; Toilet Paper; Cheese Blocks; cigarettes and (boiled) sweets.  These tins were provided with other rations including breakfast and mid-day snack.  Shows light surface wear and minor paint loss but in excellent overall condition.  Issued with survival kits on multi-engined aircraft in the Far East.  Now rarely found.  Stock code S26914.

NB Photos of the open ration/contents are not included / shown for illustrative purposes only but are offered for sale separately.