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Mask, Oxygen, Type MS-22001, Modified


Code: O26127

Mask, Oxygen, Type MS-22001.  Size small.  Developed from the WW2 A-13A, this pressure demand oxygen mask probably dates from 1958 and is fitted with the then newly introduced mounting kit in place of the standard webbing harness and green plastic exoskeleton.  The Hardman Retention Oxygen Kit (KMU-36/P) was, like the mask, produced in three sizes.  It is comprised of a rigid moulded resin exoskeleton with an integral nylon webbing harness screwed and riveted in position.  This is fitted with 'T-bayonet' fixings designed to slot directly into sockets fitted to the flying helmet.  The new harness simply slotted over the rubber mask and in use, allowed a better fit, particularly during high speed ejections. 
The rubber is in very good pliable condition with no notable cracking although the facepiece does have crazing when flexed.  Note that the cheek flanges have not been custom trimmed and remain 'as issued'.  An additional foam rubber strip has been glued on the inner facepiece to improve comfort but this now has surface cracking.  The resin exoskeleton has paint loss but is undamaged and the harness is very good.  The oxygen hose is very flexible but does have a split at the top and small cracks within the corrugation.  Fitted with a American type MC-3 connector.  Wired with a ANB-M-C1 microphone/loom and 2-pin PJ-292 plug.  Stock code O26127.